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Data Transformation

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Teracore offers a proven approach to transforming data in a customer’s environment. Our methodology includes a process roadmap and a flexible toolkit that results in expedited data migration, higher-quality data, and greater efficiency.

Teacore solutions include:

  • Data Acquisition

  • Data Preparation – Cleansing, Normalization, Road-mapping

  • Data Normalization

  • Automated Pre & Post-Migration Testing

  • Data Migration & Backup Metrics Support

  • Agile Algorithm Solutions

  • Cutover Support

  • Visualization

Some Customer Examples include:

US Coast Guard – Teracore provides a range of financial, procurement, and asset management services, we support transactional master record cleanup, conversion, and migration to the Coast Guard’s new, integrated financial system solution. Our data management, data cleansing, migration and financial systems support at Coast Guard has enabled them to transition to a new system with no downtime, and our organizational change, business process planning, and user support has allowed a seamless transition of the user base.

CBP PPAE – Teracore developed a customized, automated data analytics methodology that uses data analytics expertise to digest large amounts of data from complex data systems across several DHS components and identify data integrity and personal integrity issues. This system uses multiple streams of data from various warehouses and applications to enable better field operations at ports of entry across the US.

TSA SETA – Teracore supports the major IT transition into the TSA’s cloud environment. Our support includes server, workload, and data migration to a hybrid cloud environment. Teracore’s subject matter experts wrote and implemented the Data Management Plan for the effort and we continuously update and maintain the DHS Data and System Architecture artifacts.

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